10,000 Bottlecaps

10,000 Bottlecaps Project

Ocean Literacy + Visual Thinking + Ubiquity of Plastic = 10,000 Bottlecaps Project

10,000 Bottlecaps










14 classes at 7 Santa Cruz County Schools participated in this project. Using data from Save Our Shores and local City and County Recycling Centers, we studied how plastic travels throughout our local waste stream. We learned why we need to keep it from our beaches and Marine Sanctuary, and used plastic caps from our own day-today lives to make upcycled art.

Each class created a mosaic of caps students collected from home. Students worked in small teams of 3-4 at a time, and aimed to create balanced contrast with color and layering choices to keep the viewers visual attention moving.

Teacher Mariah photographed each mosaic and collaged them into a poster representing the average number of bottlecaps collected annually from Santa Cruz County Beaches.

The posters are now featured at each of the participating schools to be used as a future teaching tool.

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